Advance for mandatory turning assistant for trucks

Vienna Chamber of Commerce: Davor Sertic called for a promotion for entrepreneurs installing this device

Advance for mandatory turning assistant for trucks

Davor Sertic, chairman of the Transport division of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, clearly supports the idea of compulsory turn-off assistants. “Such an assistant protects pedestrians, especially children, while saving truck drivers from traumatic accidents,” says Sertic. At the end of January, a child was killed in such a truck accident.

“Every accident is one too many. The installation of this device must now be declared as compulsory, to prevent further tragedies. At the same time, a support must be introduced for entrepreneurs to refit their vehicles.” This topic will also be discussed in the next talks with Transport Minister Norbert Hofer.

Davor Sertic: “I am sure that we will find a good solution with the Minister.” He also supports the petition launched by Viennese parents for mandatory turn-off assistants,

The Vienna Chamber of Commerce also advocates education. “More than 1,000 school children have been trained in our project days on the blind spot since 2017,” says Davor Sertic. “However, the responsibility must not rest with the children. Therefore, all drivers of the bus and transport industry undergo further legal training in addition to numerous internal training measures every five years. This guarantees professional know-how that is up to date. Now the technology has to follow suit.”