Action: New logistics hub for Germany and Austria

Non-food discounter Action and Fiege open the first distribution hub in Biblis, in the south-east of Germany

Action: New logistics hub for Germany and Austria

As part of its expansion in Germany, the Dutch non-food discounter Action has opted for the logistics company Fiege as operator of its new distribution center. On Friday, 9 June, Action, Fiege and the real estate developer Dietz opened the first Action distribution hub in Germany. From the new site in Biblis in southern Germany, Action supplies its branches in Germany, Austria and parts of France.

“Action is Europe’s fastest growing non-food discounter. Opening of our first distribution hub in Germany and with the support of our partner companies Dietz AG and Fiege Logistik, we can achieve another milestone in our expansion strategy,” Sander van der Laan, CEO of Action, said at the opening ceremony. “With a total of 197 branch openings in Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Austria, we have grown strongly last year. In 2016, we opened 60 branches in Germany alone – with its population density and size, Germany is one of the focal points of our growth strategy. ”

The fact that Germany plays a major role for Action is also reflected in their plans for the future. In 2017, the company plans to create up to 2,000 new jobs in this country. “The growth targets of Action represent a great challenge for us, which we gladly accept,” Jan Fiege, Member of the Management Board of Fiege, said during the opening ceremony. “We are proud that Action has given us the responsibility for its logistical activities and we are already supplying the nearly 80 stores in Germany from Biblis with 200 employees.”

As early as March, the construction phase allowed storage and Biblis had been supplying the first stores since the beginning of April. The 13 assortment groups of Action are stored on a warehouse area of more than 85,000 m² and are delivered on a daily basis to the stores. At the same time, the targeted growth of the customer requires the setup of a team of around 800 employees by the year 2018, which can make more than 230,000 picks a day in the final expansion stage.

“We are planning many new recruitments, but we have also created a solid and experienced base for the new team through shifting staff capacity from other locations,” says Dr. Herbert Stommel, Managing Director of Fiege Logistik Biblis GmbH. In addition, Fiege will create training places at the new location and train young people to become specialists for warehouse logistics.