7Days Foodservice gets large order from Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo hands over responsibility for perishables logistics out of Frankfurt airport to 7Days Foodservice

7Days Foodservice gets large order from Lufthansa Cargo

This month Lufthansa Cargo AG commissioned to 7Days Foodservice GmbH the steering and responsibility of the whole perishables logistics out of Frankfurt/Main airport. The order package consists of three main tasks: customs clearance, reception of goods in the perishables center of Lufthansa Cargo at Frankfurt airport and road transport to the consignees. The national and international transports are part of the fresh-to-door services of Lufthansa Cargo and have a cargo weight of more than 15,000 air freight tons a year.

„It has been very important to us to have an experienced partner who is responsible for the whole last part of this highly sensible supply chain,” says Oliver Blum, head of Operations Fresh/td and Cross Functions at Lufthansa Cargo. Especially it would be important to guarantee both speed and reliability which are at the heart of this service. „7Days Foodservice has all the necessary qualities for this“.

To fulfil the requirements the company specialised on cold chain logistics is operationally using two further partners. „For customs clearance we are working with Sotracom and for trucking of the goods we are using Thermotraffic,” says Carsten Glos, managing director of 7Days Foodservice. For long both partners know the business and the special treatment of the sensible freight. „During the recent years perishables logistics has been growing much more than average. It is our aim to secure the existing growth and to set the path for more through a very strong overall performance“.

The 7Days Group GmbH & Co. KG is holding different companies all offering specialised logistics solutions for selected industries. The group is owned by Thomas Kirschner. The head office is in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). 7Days Group together with its subsidiaries PVG and 7Days Media Services are market leaders in press distribution in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland. The subsidiary 7Days Foodservice is one of the leading logistics companies for system catering. At 7Days Group more than 1.400 people are employed.

www.7days-group.com; www.lufthansa-cargo.com