65 years shipping company Chipolbrok

Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Co. is a specialist for transportation of project cargo, plant materials and all kinds of general cargo

65 years shipping company Chipolbrok

The shipping company was founded on 15th of June 1951 in Beijing by the Governments of People’s Republic of China and the Government of Republic of Poland. The given name at the beginning was Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Brokerage which explains the abbreviation “Chipolbrok”.

It was the first set-up between China and a foreign country which is still valid and runs with equal shares of each 50% of both states – mutually and with equal rights. All key positions are manned with Chinese and Polish officers together.

From the very first days starting with m/v “PUŁASKI”  for the trade between China and Poland and later on with other so called Comecon countries the company developed over the decades to a leading global carrier with nowadays 19 multi-purpose heavy geared break bulk vessel’s.

In late eighties the company’s Directorate decided the opening of their services more openly to the western hemisphere and soon became a success due to large demand in modern and sophisticated tonnage fitting to the remarkable transport requirements to and from China.

In line with that new vessel’s had been ordered in early nineties, the so called Rijeka-type, which in those days were tailor-made in Kroatia for the purposes of sea-carriage between Europe, China and vice-versa. Triple decks with long twin-hatches and self-geared. The service had been intensified from monthly sailings to three sailings a month by inauguration of the new ships which granted Chipolbrok a leading position amongst other carriers and a reasonable stake in China trade also from west European ports.

More and more the trade routes shifted away increasingly to the west and where new services have been launched. Expansion of liner trades between China and USA and vice-versa had been established as well as the routing of another new generation of vessel’s connecting Far East with USA via Europe back to Asia. Near East and India became constant destinations of the Line’s schedules and also South-East Asian ports had been called more often.

These 10 new ships of so called Orkan-type (named after the Polish writer Władysław Orkan and becoming flag vessel) supplied between 2003/2004 and 2009/2011, gave the shipping company a further leap forward in order to stand out from the competition. This type of ship exceeded all previous employed in the fleet in size, capacity and efficiency. Craned up to 640ts lifting capacity, wide hatches up to 31,60m length, nearly 2.000sqm deck space, 30.332DWT, 40.400CBM bale space and a service speed of 19 knots made these ships within short to the working horses of the now globally acting shipping line. At the same time older tonnage could be replaced bit by bit for employment in other trades or just for recycling.

During the 65th year of the existence of the shipping company as probably a special gift already two of a serial of four new ships were set into service, being “Chipolbrok Pacific” and “Nowowiejski” to be followed by “Chipolbrok Atlantic” and “Paderewski” later this year constructed by Shanghai Shipyard and classified by DNV-Germanischer Lloyd. With the commissioning of this new ship’s type owners have opened the door to a new innovative generation of heavy lift vessel’s that go beyond the existing framework in all respects. Equipped with cranes up to 700ts lifting capacity, 31.600DWT, 41.400CBM under deck space, a flush weather deck of 135m length, 5 hatches and 3 holds with a length of up to 50,56m this combination of exceptional features is unique in present global shipping market.

www.chipolbrok.com.pl; www.hafen-hamburg.de