227 cameras for more security in the Port of Rotterdam

The investment of around EUR 3 million will improve the business climate in the port area

227 cameras for more security in the Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam Authority signed a contract with Securitas Technology BV for the installation of 227 cameras in the port and industrial area. The contract is a logical consequence of the ‘Camera surveillance for the Port of Rotterdam’ agreement that was signed on 13 June by Customs, the Police, Deltalinqs, the Municipality of Rotterdam and PoR for the installation of a joint camera infrastructure. The first 25 cameras will be installed on Maasvlakte 2 this year.

“Camera surveillance will help create a safe business area and improve the business climate in the port. We’re convinced that joint action in this area will more be effective than an individual approach,’ said COO Ronald Paul, who signed the contract on behalf of the Port Authority.

 The agreement with Securitas does not just cover the positioning of the cameras – it also involves installing camera housings and masts, connecting the cameras to the fibre optic network and the power grid, transporting the camera images through the fibre optic network, supplying hardware and software to process the camera images, following up on alarms and storing the camera images. For now, the project involves the installation of approximately 227 cameras and an investment of around EUR 3 million. In the future, this network can be expanded with another 150 cameras.


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