110 new “double-decker waggons“ for Hödlmayr International

Increasing its fleet to a total of 20 block trains, the vehicle logistics company justifies its claim to trimodality

110 new “double-decker waggons“ for Hödlmayr International

As in past years, during 2016 the vehicle logistics specialist Hödlmayr International (Schwertberg / Austria) has again invested in rail transport and by the end of the first quarter of 2017 an additional five block trains will be ready to roll, as informs the company on September 19.

Rail logistics is a cornerstone of the company’s sustainability strategy: Roughly 20 per cent of Hödlmayr transports are effected on the railway, and as CEO, Johannes Hödlmayr, stresses: “With our expansion to a total of twenty block trains, we have both issued a clear message regarding our growth strategy in this segment and furthered strengthened our justified claim to trimodality.”

The 110 new waggons are so-called “double-decker waggons with lateral protection”.  Hödlmayr rail expert, Martin Kausal: “Above all, these are characterised by the infinitely adjustable height of the upper loading bed, the lateral protective grilles and the low height of the bottom deck. This results in better use of the loading area and each of these trains can carry around 240 cars, which corresponds with roughly thirty special trucks cargoes.”

Hödlmayr International AG is a family-owned, internationally operating company with “vehicle logistics” as its core competence. The company specialises in the complete supply chain from vehicle acceptance ex-works or entry port up to delivery to vehicle retailers or fleet owners. In addition to the management of large transport fleets in Europe, the group has a European network of logistics centres in which vehicles are prepared for local and regional markets.

Facts and Figures of the Hödlmayr Group in 2015

Employees 1,650
Vehicles transported 1.7 million units
Truck fleet 650 vehicle transporters
Block trains 15
Total compound area 50,000 storage spaces
Releasing performance 1,000,000 vehicles