100 new double pocket wagons with Trade Trans Group

Increased capacity for railway transport of goods primarily to and from European & Eastern European countries, including the Balkans

100 new double pocket wagons with Trade Trans Group

Trade Trans Group announces the purchase of 100 units of brand new double pocket wagons type Sdggmrss produced by Bulgarian Kolowag Eood and owned by Trade Trans Invest, a.s. Bratislava. These wagons will serve for intermodal transportations of their clients within the European area.

Trade Trans Group consists of 50 independently managed forwarding and logistics companies, represented in twelve countries. That makes it a single source provider of  a large variety of logistic services in one of the main corridors in Europe. The strategic locations of the companies allows Trade Trans Group to integrate road freight and intermodal networks to each other for strong competitive advantage.

Trade Trans Group is involved within the following areas:

-) Railway forwarding business and logistics

-) Combined traffic with superstructures for change

-) Port forwarding business rail/ship

-) Truck transport

-) Transport of chemicals by rail/ship

-) Distribution

-) Customs warehouse

-) Trade

-) Software

-) Trans-shipment wide-track/normal-track railway

www.kolowag.com; www.tradetrans.com